These rules are enforced to ensure enjoyment for all members-
(Rules are as follows but not limited to)
- Racism and any form of discrimination is not excepted in our community and we will not except it. Our policy is zero tolerance. If someone makes you uncomfortable, please communicate with the individual making you feel that way and ask them to stop. If they do not stop file a complaint to the senior clan members and it will be dealt with quickly. Harassment shall result in action (depending on the case) which can include removal from the clan or servers. We understand a joke but when you are talking with others, know your audience.
- Always listen to the command and orders of the the most senior clan member present ( we have a ranking system which will be listed and explained in this article)
- We ask that if you have a problem with anyone in the clan that you handle it privately with any senior member.
- Hacking, Cheating, Glitching, Exploiting or any other means of enhancing your game play to give you an unfair advantage over others will not be tolerated. This includes violating the EULA or ToS. If it is considered cheating by the game developers we consider it cheating as well.
- Clan members are required to stay active on our forums by posting regularly and including themselves in our community.
- When you are wearing the [TGF] tag whether it be on our forums, other forums, other game servers or anywhere else on the Internet you are representing The Green Fellas. You need to conduct yourself in those places by the same standards as you see listed here for our community. - You are responsible for your account information at all times. This includes your forum account, in game accounts, GUID's and any other information as it pertains to you. You will be held accountable for any actions with your accounts regardless if it was you or not. Please secure your accounts and passwords at all times and never let anyone else use your accounts.
 (More coming soon)


When playing on our servers you agree to abide by our rules wether you have read them or not. People caught breaking the rules will be banned or kicked by Admin. Admin are here to enforce rules to keep gameplay smooth and enjoyable. If you wish to appeal a ban or file a complaint please use the #admin_support text channel on our discord. Too many kicks will result in a ban.

SQUAD RULES-(Squad rules are as stated below but not limited too)

- NO teamkilling or REVENGE teamkilling.

- ENGLISH must be used when communicating in game.

- You may not play the game unassigned you MUST join or create a squad.

- You may not advertise on our server in any shape or form.

- You must play the objective and play as a team .

- You must not give intel to enemy team (FOB locations, tickets left etc )

- Cheating in any form or way is not tolerated.

- Harrassment of any form is not tolerated.

- Spamming chat and voice comms is considered griefing and will result in a kick.

- Do not attack main bases

- Do not destroy friendly vehicles

- Wasting assets such as vehicles will result in a kick.

- All vehicles must have at leasty one player in them and must not be left abandoned unless it's a transport vehicle. If you wish to leave a logi truck park it by a fob.

When squad leading-

- You MUST speak english.

- You MUST have a mic.

- You may kick people from your squad as you wish.

- Do not create offensive squad names

- You must have the squad lead kit.


When server has low pop (under 36 players in game)

- Only fight over central flag

- Do not attack FOBs(edited)